10 Healthy Foods That Are Not That Healthy After All


 A glass of juice for breakfast, a chicken grill sandwich for lunch and a prepared salad for dinner… Seems as if you are having a healthy meal, right? Well…check it out again. Some foods that sound healthy actually aren’t. The word ‘healthy’ is a very subjective term. What most people do not realize that all healthy foods are not created equal. Many people rely on low fat or fat free foods, but these foods may also conceal some nasty surprises. Here, we have listed 10 manipulative foods that sound healthy, but actually aren’t.

Prepared salads

Just because your meal contains the word ‘salad’ in it does not mean it is healthy. The biggest mistake that most people make while trying to lose weight or become healthier is that they assume that all salads are healthy option. Pre-prepared tuna salads, turkey salads and chicken salads are full of hidden fats. The low fat dressing that you sprinkle on your salad is also loaded with calories in the form of sugar. Mayonnaise, French dressing and salad dressings are full of calories.

The thumb rule is to make your own salads by using fresh ingredients. Instead of readymade dressings, prepare your dressings using basic and light ingredients such as lemon, vinegar or olive oil.


Smoothies are healthier option if you prepare them using fruits and low fat milk. However, traditional smoothies contain high amounts of sugar, ice cream and at times fattening yogurt. Skip the store-bought and make your own smoothie instead. Next time before you guzzle that ‘low fat’ smoothie or that bag of ‘fat free’ chips, don’t forget to read the list of ingredients.