10 Simple Ways of Keeping Depression Away And Staying on Good Mood


Good Mood

Depression is very common in our society and being on a bad mood often is very annoying. Feel depressed? Here’s 10 simple ways of keeping depression away and staying on a good mood:

1. Get enough sleep – The chances of you being in a bad mood are going to increase if you do not get enough sleep because when you are in bed your brain is developing and resting and your body is repairing itself, so when you sleep for only a few hours you are going to be starting the day on the wrong foot and things can only get worse. Do try your best to get eight hours and you will find that the day becomes that bit easier than it otherwise could have been.

2. Exercise – Exercise can help your body to produce endorphins and this is a chemical that makes you feel happier as well as fitter. You are not required to go to the gym on a daily basis, but do try to at least do some walking even for just 15 minutes as this can be enough to help put you into a good mood.