11 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

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Before you prepare your pumpkin as a dinner, dessert or decoration remember to save the seeds. If you just compost and scoop out your pumpkin or squash seeds you might be throwing out a heap of healthy nutrients and their inherent plant based benefits.

Nutrients and vitamins

Pumpkin seeds are either an excellent or very good source of all of these important phytonutrients: manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, tryptophan, zinc and phosphorus. There are many other minerals, nutrients and vitamins present in pumpkin seeds, which are not listed here.


It helps fight depression since it is converted in thy body into niacin and serotonin, known as feel good hormones.


This flavor or taste enhancer is needed to create GABA- an anti stress neuro chemical, which helps relieve anxiety and other stress related conditions.


This mineral boosts immune system and fights osteoporosis.

Pages ( 1 of 3 ): 1 23