12 Ways To Have Beautiful Hands


Day or night, home or outside your hands are on display every time. These few simple hand and nail care tips it won?t let ragged cuticles and cracked skin detract from your fabulous nail art.

1. Use a milky hand wash

The clearer the cleanser, the more it may dry out the skin. Be sure to avoid soaps that contain the harsh chemical triclosan, which is often marked as antibacterial and instead look for naturally antibacterial ingredients such as eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

2. Never put your hands in icy or hot water

Cold water can cause a constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessel leading to redness,? hot makes skin dry by taking away sebum as dermatologists explain.

3. Lube up with oils

Oil is the best way to get moisture into the skin according to experts, who recommend using dry chapped hand cr?me that contains safflower seed oil.

4. Try anti aging face cream after 40

Some people use revitalift?its retinol improves elasticity?during your manicures. To reduce crepeyness, apply it on the backs of your hands at night.

5. Slather on a mask

Smooth on almond illuminating masque and then place your hands in plastic bags after top with a warm towel for 5 minutes. Heat helps the mask to penetrate.

6. Learn proper cuticle care

When cuticles are torn and dry, obviously all manicure looks old. However, cuticle cutting might open you up to infection and make your hands look worse. Try exfoliating your hands with a body scrub and then nip only those hangnails that you can wiggle. Soften other cuticles weekly with natural cuticle eliminator. Then push them back with an orange stick.

7. Moisturize post sanitiser

This is a step most of you would not think to do, but it is very important as high amounts of alcohol can dehydrate nails and skin, making faster polish chip. Just wait until the sanitizer will dry.

8, Protect with sunscreen

Your hands can spot and wrinkle just as fast as your face. Mix extra smooth sun protection lotion SPF 40, with lotion. Sunscreen alone can be drying to hands. To even out spots, you may like immortelle brightening hand care SPF 22, which contains a daisy plant extract.

9. Take biotin supplements

Supplements of biotin- one of the members of the vitamin B family increases nail thickness and prevents splitting and breaking. In one study 2.4 milligrams of biotin daily for several months benefited people with 90% of the 40 citing significant improvement. Dermatologists say to get the effect, it is important to take the prescription strength, therapeutic level of 2.4 milligrams daily. Some nail products contain silicon and the supplement MSM, 2 other nutrients associated with healthy nails.

10. Avoid polish removers based on acetone

The product that all dermatologists agree you should avoid if you have brittle nails is acetone nail polish remover. It has been demonstrated that it strips the nails and cause them to become brittle.

11. Avoid rough emery boards

These old fashioned orange emery boards are too harsh for your nails, causing small cracks and fissures that lead to breakage. Instead file your nails with a smooth, fine file and do not saw back and forth. Instead, file in 1 direction only and do it evenly and slowly for reducing risk of breakage.

12.Detect signs of health problems on your nails

White nails can be caused by liver problems;

Half pink and half white nails are sign of kidney disease;

Yellow and thicken nail with slowed growth rate speaks about lung disease;

Pale nail beds can be an early symptom for anemia.