22 Surprising Uses of Salt

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Health experts sometimes call it white poison, or white killer and you know that eating too much salt is unhealthy for you… But is it? Salt has all kinds of uses around the house! From the beauty routine to cleaning, salt can really come in help.

Soothe puffy eyes

Soak a cloth in one cup warm water that has a half teaspoon of salt dissolved in it to make a compress for tired eyes.


After a shower or bath, use plain old salt to slough off dead skin from your dry areas like your knees, elbows, feed or.

Homemade facial

Mix one part salt with one part olive oil and massage into your face and neck. Wash off with water and soap and admire your glowing skin.

Salt Scrub

Combination of a coarse salt with a little bit of olive oil will do your favorite essential oils for a decadent salt scrub.

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