5 Colorful Foods That Prevent Cancer


Colorful Foods

Diet is a very important tool in cancer fighting. Color is one of the best indicators of a food’s health benefits. Foods of any color group have properties that fight against specific types of cancers. When you eat all the colors, you are avoiding far more disease-combating vitamins and nutrients into your meal. Learn which foods to fit into your diet today.

Red foods

They fight pancreatic and ovarian cancers. Tomatoes have been shown to protect against ovarian cancer in a study of 15,000 women. Eating a half cup of tomatoes four or more times a week may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by up to 50%.  Another study connected eating tomatoes to a reduced risk of pancreatic cancer. The pancreatic protective factor can be linked to lycopene. It is richly abundant in tomatoes and other foods like red peppers and red berries. Try to eat a serving of these red foods at least once during your day.