5 Cooking MIstakes That Make You Fat


Cooking mistakes that cause weight gain

It is not a surprise that restaurant dishes are full of calories and hidden ingredients. That is why meals cooked at home are a good idea for those who watch their weight. Gaining control on your kitchen is a good first step, but if you have not eaten out in months and the scale still stays on the one place, it must be time to have a closer look at your cooking habits. Below are some common mistakes that could be wrecking your plans.

Mistake № 1: Using too much oil

Olive oil is definitely a good fat, but the kitchen staple is also crazy dense calorie wise – even one tbsp puts up almost 125 calories. That might not sound like a lot, but if you are not paying attention, it is easy to use as much as four times that amount. Sticking to this single tbsp allowance can be especially hard with vegetables, as they tend to absorb oil quickly. What is a helpful trick? Lightly steam your veggies to cook them through before adding them to a fry.