5 Cooking MIstakes That Make You Fat


Mistake № 4: Snacking while preparing

Resisting the urge to taste your food while prepping might seem impossible, especially when you are starving. And while a little snacking never killed anyone, a slice of avocado here and a handful of nuts there can really add up. To avoid ruining your meal by vanishing your appetites try chewing gum or sipping a glass of sparkling water while you cook. Are you still munching? Time for some tough love: for every taken bite, put a little less on the plate.

Mistake № 5: Leaving leftovers up for grabs

Imagine that dinner was delicious, you are comfortably full and you know you should be satisfied. That is, until you go to wash the dishes and the pot of pasta on the stove starts calling you. Preempt the impulse to go in for a second helping by getting rid of leftovers as soon as possible. In this case, that old saying seems to be true: out of your sight out of your mind.