5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Target Your Entire Body

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Build a powerful back
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Back (Lats)

Most of us have one common problem, prolonged sitting. As a result, our muscles in our lower back are overworked and our hip muscles become tense and tight. This imbalance give rise to lower back pain.

Below is a simple back exercise to relieve the lower back pain:


  1. Lie face down on your tummy with hands at your sides
  2. Without moving the hips and feet, lift your chest and hands off the floor
  3. Pause a while at the top, then lower chest and hands down to the floor

Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Our arm muscles are made up of biceps and triceps. Biceps are found at the front of the arm, between the shoulder and elbow. They help to stabilize the joints in the arms and shoulder, and support the back muscles when we exercise. Triceps are found behind the arm, between the shoulder and elbow. They help to straighten the elbow and arm. Working both sets of arm muscles help to maintain a healthy body and a good posture.

Below is one of the more unique arm exercises you can do at home:


  1. Stand with both feet together
  2. Making sure the legs are straight, bend at the hips and place your hands on the floor
  3. Slowly walk your hands forward, alternating between hands
  4. Keep walking with hands till your body is parallel to the floor
  5. Keep your hands in place, walk your feet towards your hands, moving a few inch for each step
  6. Once your feet reach your hands, stand up straight and return to start position

Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings)

Most of the leg muscles are very long. These very large and long muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings) relax and contract, helping our bones to move. The smaller muscles help to stabilize the larger ones.

Here is one of the more famous exercises you can do at home to power up your legs:


  1. Make sure the upper body is straight. Relax with shoulder back, eyes straight ahead
  2. Step with one leg forward, lower the hip till knee create a 90 degree angle. Keep the front knee above the ankle. Make sure the other knee not quite touching the floor
  3. Move back to start position

Using these home exercises will help you continue to pursue the level of health and fitness you deserve.

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