5 Foods Against Headaches



Headaches are one of the most common complaints, with 70 million people suffering from chronic ones. But when pain strikes, you are not always able to take a pill or turn down the lights. There is an easier and more natural way to get relief such as food. Here are revealed the most common headaches and the foods that help prevent and even treat them.


With the power to stop you in your actions, migraines often hurt on one side of the head and can also make you sensitive to light or feel nauseated. Research has shown that vitamin B2 or riboflavin helps to reduce the incidence of migraines by up to 48%. Riboflavin improves energy metabolism of your brain and its muscle cells, protecting and helping them maintain energy. Seek for about 401 mg a day in foods like quinoa, crimini mushrooms, asparagus and even a glass of low fat milk, which is about 32% of the recommended daily allowance.