5 Reasons You Are Bad At Whatever You Are Doing


 What follows are 5 reasons you are bad at whatever you are doing and understanding why this is indeed the case is important if you are to ever improve. In all honesty, we are often bad at something because of us making tiny errors on a regular basis or perhaps we are just not cut out for it in the same way as some people are good at sports while others are just not as athletic. However, hopefully by reading these five reasons it will give you renewed confidence in what you do.

1. Failure to start with the basics.

We are often guilty of thinking that we already know the basics of something and this then leads to us skipping reading the instructions and just getting stuck into it. The problem here is that we are often slightly deluded and misjudge our own capabilities or see it as some kind of a weakness in having to go right back to the start. However, it is essential that you read instructions or take small steps from the outset in order to build a firm foundation and the task, or job, you are doing will then become easier and you will be better at it. Get the foundation wrong and you will continue to make the same mistakes and be completely unaware that there is anything amiss leading to you failing to improve over time.

 2. We rush through it without too much thought.

Following on from the idea of not starting with the basics, you will often also find that people are bad at what they are doing due to not taking their time with the job and trying to just rush through it in order to get it done. The problem here is that we will often make the same mistakes time and time again, but due to the speed at which we are doing the task we will not even notice the mistakes and carry on regardless. The key here is to slow down a bit and try not to do too much in the one day and you will see an improvement in how you handle the tasks and will be better as well.

3. We do not practice and lack concentration.

Studies have shown that there are so many working hours lost in offices around the world due to people being easily side-tracked in a variety of ways or time wasted correcting mistakes that have come due to a lack of concentration. If your heart is not in whatever it is that you are doing it will then lead to errors not only being made, but also you missing correcting them. In order to improve our concentration we need to be focused and actually practice what we are doing. Accept that even top people in their field still practice, you only have to look at sports people, and there is no shame in it, so just do it.

Bored at work
 4. We allow our frustrations to get the better of us.

If you find that you are becoming frustrated it will often lead to you being bad at whatever it is that you are doing because as that anger builds and the adrenaline flows around our body it leads to the job or task getting the better of us. Instead, you need to look at ways to prevent yourself from becoming so frustrated and accept that things will not always go as smoothly as you hoped and when you master your mood it should hopefully lead to things becoming a lot easier.

5. We try to do something we have no real interest in.

Doing a job that you find laborious or boring will often lead to you being bad at it as you do not have the same kind of drive to complete it to the standard required and you will also care less about those small errors that creep into your work. By doing something you love, or at least have some kind of interest in, you will find that you can get better and have a willingness to learn and improve, but we need to have that desire inside us in order to make any progress. If you have no real interest in a particular type of job, then the best advice is to avoid it or if you hate golf, then avoid picking up those clubs or you will face an uphill struggle from the start.