5 Ways To Get Yourself Running


It’s difficult not to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep when a reminder buzzes that it is time for your morning run. What will get you to jump up, throw on your running shoes and head out the door? Motivation! If you are struggling with it, keep moving forward with your training program by finding out what this article suggests to keep you lunging toward the finish line.

Run with friends

If you commit to a local running club or tart running with friends, it will be difficult to make excuses when you do not feel like running. The natural tendency is that friends become your training partners, a source of accountability and support and a continued reminder of the upcoming challenge. The shame and guilt factor can positively motivate you to run when you run with friends as well. Think about what sort of person you would appear to be if you bailed or quit on your teammates.

Vary your training

Many runners get bored with the same route as well as routine. Experts recommend varying your training runs. Use hill reps and recovery runs, track sessions to keep entertained and motivated. Having a good variety of running routes and types keeps it interesting. You can also mix running outside with treadmill running to take away the potential boredom of training. Changing your training sessions can also help work a variety of muscles needed for strength and endurance. Strength training and interval workouts should be incorporated into your training schedule.