6 Awesome Ways You Can Use Carrots


 Sweet, crunchy and fiber-rich, carrots are loaded with ß carotene- an antioxidant that keeps you younger for a long period. Rich in vitamins and minerals carrot can be useful in your everyday life. To enjoy carrots, try these ideas:

Have a glass of carrot juice

Scrape and clean 4 carrots, use a handful seeds of pomegranate, a half inch slice of fresh ginger, one tea spoon honey, one tea spoon lemon juice and some mint leaves. Grind them into juice. You can pop in a beet, a few spinach leaves, a little celery, and half an apple for adding more power taste to the juice. Use your imagination.

Dish up the power packed carrot salad

Take one cup of grated carrot, ¼ or ½ cup raisins, a few segments of navel oranges, a drizzle of pineapple or lemon juice, chop fine one average-sized apple, then toss them all together and sprinkle hand-torn basil leaves on top.