6 Myths About Weight Gain



On the surface, weight gain and weight loss seem like pretty obvious results of certain behaviors. Those who eat more than they burn gain weight; so they should eat less to lose it. Is that so simple? As any struggling dieter will agree, the truth is much more complicated than that. Many of you misunderstand the science behind weight gain and loss. Read through to find out some of the myths about weight loss and gain.

Myth № 1: Being over weighted means being unhealthy
Have you packed on a few pounds? Do not necessarily send yourself to an early grave. Despite what many of you believe if someone is fat, he/she is not automatically unhealthy. There are several healthy fat people and unhealthy thin people or vice versa. Taken on its own, your weight has nothing to do with how healthy you are.

Myth № 2: Eating spicy boosts metabolism
Do not believe this hype. Spicy foods dose not really boost metabolism in any meaningful, measurable way. This is not to say that eating well does not boost metabolism, however, healthy, balanced diets with plenty of protein certainly does.