6 Reasons To Start Avoiding Potato Chips



Reasons not to eat potato chips
To understand the nature of stackable chips, forget the belief that they are made from actual potatoes in any recognizable way. One company to avoid taxes levied against luxury foods once even argued that the potato content of their chips was so low that they technically are not even potato chips. So if they are not made of potatoes, what are we eating exactly?

Potato chips are full of cancer causing chemical
One of the most suspicious ingredients in potato chips is not intentionally added, but is a byproduct of the processing. Neurotoxin chemical- acryl amide causing cancer potentially is created when foods rich in carbohydrate are cooked at high temperatures, whether fried, baked, toasted or roasted. As a general rule, the chemical is formed when food is heated enough to produce a fairly dry and brown- yellow surface. Hence, it can be found in potato chips.

Potato chips are high in calories
If you have ever checked the serving size for chips you would notice it is usually like ten chips for 145 calories. Whoever eats only ten chips? You know you have never done that! So the bottom line is you want to avoid eating potato chips. Also avoid tortilla and corn based chips. These chips can cause all kinds of health problems like clogged arteries, weaker heart and dozens of other things you do not want. If you stop eating chips you will have a much better chance of losing belly fat. It should come as no surprise- research has shown that the more potato chips people includes in their diet the more weight they gain.