7 Easy Ways of Living Longer And Happier Life


Happy Girl

Long life and happiness. If these two things aren’t on your list of top priorities, well, they certainly should be! The great news is if you take the time to look at the stories of people who have lived to reach a happy one hundred years old they all have shared some reoccurring qualities. Read on and I’ll share the top 7 ways of living longer and happier life I’ve picked up from my studies. Enjoy! I’ll think you find these tips very, very helpful.’

Pay Attention to Eating Healthy

This probably comes as a no brainer, but it really can’t be emphasized enough – how well you eat every day carries great weight on how long and happy you live. Think more fresh green vegetables, lots of water, a wide range of different legumes, seeds, nuts and fruits.

As for animal proteins, if you must, fish and white lean meats are a much better alternative to fatty red meats. Go easy on sugar, caffeine and other health busters. As for portion sizes – the smaller the better! Studies have shown reducing daily calorie intake in animal by 25% has extended their lives by an equal amount of time. Eye opening isn’t it?

Jogging And Being Active

Always Stay Active

Along with a healthy diet the next thing nearly everyone who lives a happy long live we’ve seen interviewed shares in common is their staying active. This is daily activity like walking, light exercise and yard work more so than intense gym routines or fitness fads. If you love the gym certainly go, but make sure you stay active in other possibly more important ways too. Not only will you be healthier, likely live longer, but studies all agree you will feel much better about yourself and be much happier too. Stay active and your body will thank you!

Manage Stress Efficiently

If there’s anything that’s a silent killer it is certainly stress. Life stresses can sometimes be unavoidable no matter how hard we try. What we can do is learn methods and techniques which can help us manage and handle our stress efficiently and effectively. Find one (or a few) which resonate with you most and fall back on them for stress relief. Some that are popular and proven stress busters: meditation, yoga, writing in a journal and even drawing or painting. Another fun way shown to relieve stress as well as bring more happiness in your life? Adopting a pet if you don’t have one already. Plus their companionship can’t be beat.

Stay Social

There’s no doubt those of us who make a point of taking the time to be more social with friends and family live longer and happier lives. Beyond the obvious of being more social with those already in our lives, don’t forget to reach out in other new areas too. Finding or exploring a old or new hobby is a great way to expand your social circle as well as getting involved in local community activities that might interest you. Isolation leads to depression which for sure is something we all need to avoid. Get out there and socialize!


Embrace Belief

Religion is a very personal thing, but spirituality and belief is something that’s been shown universally to lead to a longer, happier and more fulfilling life. Pull yourself away from the television and other mind killers, and take that time to tend to your own spiritual development or that of those close to you. This positive energy will help supercharge your spirit and carry over into all areas of your long and happy life.

Get High Quality Sleep

If there’s one area that’s neglected the most by people trying to be more healthy and happy it has to be there lack of focus on getting in quality sleep. In this high demand, always on the go society it’s easy to forget how important it is to recharge our brains and bodies with a good night’s rest. The bare minimum of sleep you should be getting a night is eight hours of solid shut eye. Less than that and your body is definitely suffering for it. Simple changes like keeping your bedroom cool and dark and turning off the television when it’s time to call it a night may be enough to deliver the perfect night of sweet dreams. Try it and see how much better you feel!

Avoid the Worst Vices

There’s a few things we should absolutely avoid if we are going to live our lives to the fullest. Topping the list are the real killers: smoking and drinking alcohol to excess. With these two health killing vices removed from the equation, we can possibly add decades on to how long we are likely to live. Don’t hesitate to get help quitting if you need it – it can literally be a matter of life and death!