7 Myths About Drinking Coffee


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. This awesome beverage has become an important part of our mornings and keeps us awake when there’s a lot to do. There are different opinions about coffee based on different researches. Some say it does no harm, some say it is beneficial and some say it causes problems. Many times the arguments against coffee are wrong and are not based on any researches. This made some myths about drinking coffee popular. Here’s 7 of them:

Myth 1: Coffee makes you feel stressed out

Drinking coffee does not directly increase stress levels or make you feel anxious or nervous. Coffee is considered a natural stimulant which can have a relaxing effect on your mind. Coffee is not directly responsible for triggering stress but it blocks production of adenosine in the body which is a natural stress reliever.

Myth 2:Caffeine causes insomnia

This is a common myth about caffeine which is not true. When you drink a cup of coffee the body almost instantly absorbs the caffeine but it also discards it out quickly. Caffeine after being consumed is processed through the liver and almost half of it may be flushed out of the body within 4-5 hours and in another 5 hours almost 75% of it is eliminated out of the body. You should not face problems getting sleep due to caffeine if you just consume 2-3 cups of coffee on a daily basis.