7 Reasons To Never Drink Slurpees



Before you rush out the door to load up magically fluffy slush, you should know exactly what you are putting into your mouse because it is not as pretty as you may think. Here is broken down the anatomy of a Slurpee to reveal what kinds of chemicals, additives, and sugars you will really be enjoying when you drink this beverage.

You are probably smart enough to guess that Slurpees are full of sugar, but you might not realize that all varieties except for the sugar free one use corn syrup high in fructose as the leading sweetener—even those with fruit flavors. This means they are not only full of empty calories but also spike your blood glucose and fill your body with an added dose of processed ingredients.

Artificial sweeteners
In response to the ever growing obesity problem, companies began producing sugar free versions of their slurpees a year ago. A serving of their sugar free flavors only cost twenty calories but the bad news is that the aspartame used to sweeten this kind of drinks can be even worse for you than sugar.