7 Reasons You Don’t Have Energy To Do Stuff

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Why You Don't Have Energy To Do Stuff

You want to check things off of your to-do list, but you just don’t have the energy to do them all. Ever wonder why this is? Check out the 7 reasons why people exhaust their energy out and you may be able to change things for yourself!

1. Carbohydrates

Sure those fast food fries taste good and that bread you just ate was filling, but did you know junk foods actually make you tired? Your body uses a lot of energy processing carbohydrates, which means you’ll feel tired and lethargic soon after eating them. You probably have noticed this in the past after eating heavy meals. Do you just want to take a nap when you’re done eating? If so, that’s because your body is busy processing those carbohydrates and converting them into energy!

2. Exercise

If your body is used to not getting any exercise, then it’s going to feel tired even from exerting even a small amount of energy. Exercising can actually give you more energy when you do it on a regular basis. Your body will release endorphins and it will build muscle as you continue to work out more often. This will result in being able to do more without feeling nearly as tired fatigued as you did before.

3. Sleep

Sleep isn’t just great because it makes you feel more alive; it also gives you energy. When your body doesn’t get rest at night it won’t be able to recover the way that it needs to. So, you need to make sure that you’re getting adequate sleep at night. This might mean going to bed earlier than you would like, but you will feel a lot better in the morning if you do. Even a half an hour can make a big difference with how you feel when you get up.

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