7 Reasons You Should Start Eating Eggs

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Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Eggs
Eating more eggs is a great way to give you a healthy boost. If you are not keen on eating eggs regularly, here are reasons why you should.

Pity the poor egg

There is a misguided belief that the cholesterol found in the yolk raises the cholesterol levels in your body and puts your health at risk. But good news for egg lovers: Research supporting the health a benefit of eggs is piling up and several studies including a recent one found no link in healthy people between eggs and either stroke or heart attack. It has debunked the myth of unhealthy eggs.

Supplies you with vitamins

One average- sized egg is packed with several vitamins essential to your health:

• Vitamin B2 or riboflavin- which helps your body to break down food into energy.

• Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is vital for producing red blood cells.

• Vitamin A or retinol- which is great for your eyesight.

• Vitamin E or tocopherol helps fight off the free radicals that can cause cellular and tissue damage, which might lead to cancer. Vitamins A and B2 are also important for cell growth. So make sure your kids are eating eggs regularly.

Supplies you with essential minerals

Eggs are packed with phosphorus, iron and zinc. These minerals are vital for your body. You need plenty of iron and not getting enough can leave you grumpy, feeling tired and run down. Zinc keeps your immune system in top form and helps your body convert food into energy. Phosphorus is important for healthy teeth and bones. There are some trace elements you need in small amounts in eggs such as iodine, useful for making thyroid hormones and selenium- an antioxidant that can help cut your risk of cancer.

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