7 Reasons You Should Start Eating Eggs

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Reasons You Should Start Eating Eggs
 Eggs may reduce your risk of cancer

Whole eggs are one of the best sources of the nutrient choline. One large egg has about 33 percent of your RDA. One study published this year found that women with a high intake of choline are 25 percent less likely to get breast cancer. Note that choline is found mostly in the yolk, so feel free to ditch the white omelets.

Eggs keep a good eyesight

Egg yolks are also high in zeaxanthin and lutein, both antioxidants that have been shown to ward off macular degeneration. So you will still be able to eyeball in your 80s.
An omelet a day can shrink your waist.

Researchers found that eating eggs for breakfast helps you limit calorie intake all day, by more than 401 calories. That means you can lose 3 pounds or more each month. This is probably because eggs keep you full for a long time and meaning you are less likely to succumb to a noon snack or stuff yourself at lunchtime.

Although eggs contain cholesterol, this is different from the cholesterol in your body. It is simply dietary cholesterol. Despite the past health recommendations, there is no evidence that eating eggs will increase levels of your blood cholesterol.

Your abs eat eggs up

These little orbs contain a certain sequence of amino acids which makes egg protein easy for your body to absorb. It means a hard boiled grade is an ideal food for muscle repairing after a butt busting exercises.

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