7 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Hot Dogs

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Do you love the smoky bite of a hot dog mounded with tangy and sweet toppings and the delicate, salty balance of bun with the meat? Your body does not. Why? Check all the bad news below and you won’t even think about hot dogs.

A huge impact on your intake of fat

While hot dog is not exactly a nutritionist’s favorite food, it can shine as the calorie gainer of the barbecue. When you eat a hot dog with an average white-bread bun, you add 100+ calories to your belly fat.

A huge impact on your intake of sodium

You can’t be a huge fan of the buckets of sodium and oozing fat almost every hot dog contains. A healthy hot dog is not even possible because not only your waist line expansions after eating one but also extra amount of sodium are loaded in your body which is an extra problem too.

Most hot dogs are not organic

It is very difficult to find such hot dogs that are made from organically raised animals and not treated with antibiotics or hormones. Plus they are filled with the nitrites and nitrates.

Avoid eating hot dog during pregnancy

This food is prone to listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium which causes listeriosis. This condition might result in stillbirth, miscarriage, or other serious health problems.

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