7 Simple Ways of Being Super Productive


Productive Woman

Are you always running up and down trying to sort out issues yet at the end of the day you feel like you still have so much you haven’t accomplished? Do you use the phrase ‘busy as a bee’? If you do, do you think you as productive as the bee? Do you wish the day had 30 hours instead of 24? What is time worth to you? If this is you, here a few tips you could use to ensure that you don’t feel the same way and increase your productivity.

Make a time log

Write down all the time spent on all your activities everyday for a whole week period. This will give you a draft of where your time goes and give you an idea of the things that are stealing your time. Identify the ways that will make you more efficient and add to your productivity.

Do not multitask, you cannot be superman

Research has shown that skipping from one task to the next more than 10 times in a day will make you dumber. When you multitask, your IQ decreases by ten points on average; five points in women and fifteen points in men. Avoid switching from one job to the next because it does not work. Concentrate on a few tasks each day and work towards accomplishing them.