7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Are you a coffee lover? Do you wake up in the morning craving the smell of coffee? Have you heard many negative things said about coffees that have made you wish to quit taking it?

Every time you wake up early in the morning feeling tired and groggy, coffee could be just what your body needs to be and remain wide awake. It could energize you and clear the mind so that you can concentrate and get work done. But do you know there are other benefits of taking coffee that you didn’t know about? Here are 7 benefits of drinking coffee:

It helps in the prevention of diseases

A study done by researchers from Harvard showed that taking 1 to 3 cups of coffee each day can be a health benefit; it reduces the risk of diabetes significantly. Additionally taking 6 or more cups each day will even reduce the risk further. This study revealed that the formation of the Parkinson’s disease can be decreased by up to 80% and the risk of cancer of the colon can be reduced by 25%. The study also revealed that women who take 4 or more cups can decrease chances of getting breast cancer by up to 40%.