8 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Tea



More and more studies indicate that the tea power goes beyond warming you up on a cold day even though one cold cup is proven to have just the same benefits. Exactly what these benefits are depends on the color of tea bag. Check below to find out more about the best tea options for your health.

White tea is flash steamed and dried, so it is the least processed form with the least caffeine and the most antioxidants. White tea is an option for a delicate and light flavor. As professors say white tea is kryptonite for bacteria and viruses as in one study tea destroyed over 75 percent of viruses within ten minutes. Due to the antioxidants’ higher levels, white tea might be the most powerful when it comes to cancer prevention. Researchers found that white tea was the best for inhibiting the early stages of cancer- cell mutations.

Black tea. Tea leaves are exposed to the air and become black due to oxidation. It has a stronger and more traditional taste. The majority of research shows that the black tea significantly reduces stroke, heart attack and death caused by cardiovascular disease. It can also help prevent clogged arteries, improve functioning of blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. Does not it sound as a great reason to drink to your heart’s content? Five cups a day might also provide resistance to bacterial infections and possibly tumors, while three cups has been shown to prevent cancer of urinary tract. Additionally black tea contains enough fluoride to successfully fight cavities.