8 Ways To Make Your Hot Beverages Healthier

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Ways to make your hot beverages healthier
Coffee is packed with healthy antioxidants on its own, but it is rarely the health drink it could be thanks to the ways most people modify it, think about GMO pumpkin latte. The same is true for tea. Here are some easy ways to make your tea or coffee a whole lot healthier.

Choose organic tea or coffee
Both crops occur to be heavily sprayed with pesticides, sometimes ones that are banned in one country but legal in other ones where these crops are grown. So you might be getting more than just tea or coffee when you select anything but organic.

Choose honest trade for a healthy conscience
Coffee is huge business. According to the experts it is the number two most widely traded good after oil. As such its growth and harvesting is subjected to a wide range of exploitive labor conditions, including child labor in several countries.

Skip the sugar
Or if you cannot do it, select a sweetener like organic coconut sugar that has fewer grams of sugar, about three grams, than brown or white sugar with four grams.  It does not sound like a big difference but over time that means you will have cut your sugar consumption by 30 percent without almost any effort. Coconut sugar contains natural minerals like chromium, which aid sugar metabolism in the body.

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