8 Ways You Can Dramatically Reduce Stroke Risk

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Healthy Life

As we age, stroke risk is increasing and becomes a serious threat. But don’t panic! You can take actions to dramatically reduce the stroke risk.  Controlling what you eat and being physically active are high on the list. They will help you feel healthier, too. In most cases living a healthier lifestyle reduces the need for medical treatment. Try your best to make healthy choices. Do not let stroke to stick you. Here they are the most important things you have to remember to live your life without stroke.

1. Eat healthy foods.

Changing your diet results in healthy rewards. In taking of less saturated fat and cholesterol may lower the cholesterol levels in your blood. Make these healthy choices:

• Eat at least four servings daily of fruits and vegetables;

• Switch to low- calorie and low- fat snacks;

• use canola safflower or olive oils instead of oil or fat;

• try to eat your food without any salt;

• While choosing a meat make a choice of skinless chicken turkey fish and lean red meats. Do not fry, instead bake boil or broil.

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