9 Awesome Uses of Chocolate


Forget death by this ultimate feel good food. More and more research is claiming that high quality, dark chocolate may actually improve your overall health. Find out what this natural ingredient can do for you.


As a spa treat, try this bath: Mix two cups chocolate milk, two tablespoons mild liquid soap, and one tablespoon honey; pour mixture into the bath. Lactic acid and antioxidants of the chocolate milk will smooth and soften your skin. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate offer protection from UV damage.


There is a good reason people crave chocolate when they are down. The tryptophan increases mood lifting serotonin in the brain. One study found that even the chocolate’s taste, smell or texture make people happy. Chocolate helps support the production of dopamine in the system.  Dopamine- a brain chemical that helps to feel good is involved in brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Foods that stimulate dopamine production may be helpful in the prevention of such illnesses. Dark chocolate causes the release of hormones- phenylethylamines that are also released when you are in love, helping you to feel happy.