9 Foods For Weight Loss


weight scale

Of all the losing weight methods out there this one is by far the most appealing! Do not be afraid to eat a cookie for your breakfast. It is not a joke. Check out this list of foods that practically melt away calories.

Oatmeal with nuts
Nuts are hard for your body to digest because they are very dense. As a result, they stay in your stomach longer and extend that feeling of fullness for long hours.  Pair nuts with a carbohydrate such as a small smear of peanut butter on whole wheat toast, nutritionists suggest. Carbohydrates give energy and the nuts delay the release of that energy so your blood sugar remains stable. What is the result? You will be less likely to carve when lunch time comes.

A study published in one journal about nutrition found that people who drink a cup and a half of milk a day loose nearly twice as much weight as those who consume just a half  cup. How is it possible? The milk drinkers have higher levels of vitamin D that is associated with weight loss. Any nutritional deficiency can slow your metabolism, causing you to hold onto weight, experts explain. And since nearly half of population lacks adequate vitamin D, dairy products can counter the effect.