9 Foods That Really Make You Fat


fat man

As long as obesity has become a worldwide problem and can lead to several life threatening conditions it is very important to know those foods that guarantee to make you fat. Check the list below and try to avoid eating them.

Artificial sweeteners
The fact that diet soda has less calories and less sugar than regular soda does not mean it is healthy. Several studies found that people who drink 2 or more diet sodas a day have five times the waistline compared to those who avoid drinking diet soda. Research has also shown that one of the most popular artificial sweeteners leads to the same surge of insulin as white carbohydrates because of sweetness detectors in the small intestine.

White sugar
It is full of calories that sabotage healthy eating and prime your palate to crave sweets. The world is filled with people who are addicted to sugar. When your blood sugar is high you are high. When your blood sugar is low, you feel totally run out and exhausted and want more. Sugar has no minerals or vitamins, just a lot of fat building calories.