9 Foods That Take Away Your Energy


Bored at work
There are thieves among foods, stealing your energy and harming your health. Everything you eat has an impact on your energy levels. More specifically, eating the wrong foods can leave you feeling tired and unable to focus. If you do not want to drag through your work day, try avoiding some of these foods. We unmask some of the energy thieve- foods for you.

Depleted food

Depleted food is food that has been microwaved, worked up with chemicals or genetically altered. Sadly, that’s the bulk of many people’s diet. These things rob food of its life force and you end up eating what is called hungry food. Rather than giving energy, such food actually robs you of energy. And imagine that makes you eat even more. Every living thing, including humans, animals and plants has an energy body. When that energy is not spoiled, the food is nourishing and vitalizing. When the energy is discharged, the food steals your energy.


Turkey is probably the most popular sleepy food out of there. The reason turkey makes you tired is because it contains tryptophan- an amino acid that relaxes your body. Of course, eating a turkey sandwich probably won’t put you to sleep, but you should control how much turkey you ingest.