9 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy And Make You Active


Jogging And Being Active

Feeling low on energy? You might be lacking the essential minerals and vitamins. Here is a selection of top 9 foods for boosting your energy and being more active to get through your busy day.


An excellent post workout recovery food item, banana is a simple carbohydrate but an instant energy source. They are also an excellent source of potassium – reduced level of potassium in the body can result in physical weakness. The sugars found in banana can be digested quickly and converted right into energy for your body.


Lentils must be a staple part of your daily diet. They’re rich in amino-acids, protein, minerals and vitamins, and can replace rice or pasta in almost any recipe. Lentils are also rich in fiber that keeps you at the peak of satiety and doesn’t allow glucose levels to rise to higher level. Give your lunch salad an energy boost by adding a cupful of cooked red kidney-beans or garbanzo beans.