9 Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism


Metabolism Food
 What follows are 9 foods for boosting metabolism and this is certainly something that you should seriously consider doing even if you believe that you are healthy and there is no need to do so. On the flip side, if you know that your body is just not working the way it should you need to consider trying these different foods as there is no doubt that they can help your situation and improve the way you feel.

1. Vegetables.

This one seems obvious, but vegetables will boost your metabolism as they are low in calories, will increase your calorie burn by up to 20% and due to them being higher in fiber it does mean that you are going to feel fuller for longer. The best thing to do is to go for those leafy greens such as spinach and cabbage as they are full of goodness that will work wonders for your body. The result is that you will not then be tempted to eat those snacks that have a negative effect on your metabolism because instead fruit and veg takes time to digest with this being a real bonus for your body.

2. Whole grains and legumes.

Both of these items are high in fiber and even though they are a source of carbohydrates they are not of the refined version making them better for your body. By eating them you will increase your calorie burn by approximately 10% resulting in your metabolism being boosted and your body processing everything in a shorter period of time.

3. Protein.

A number of diets will say protein can be bad for you, but when it comes to your metabolism it really can make a difference as eating protein can result in you losing weight due to it boosting your calorie burn by up to 25%. There is also the added bonus of it keeping you feeling full for longer than carbs will, so you will not be eating various things that then upset your body.

Tuna Fish
 4. Peppers and garlic.

Peppers and garlic are great for boosting the metabolism as they are capable of doubling your energy expenditure without the calories. The way they manage to do this is due to the way in which they actually encourage your nerves to send out fat burning signals all the way to your brain and it has been proven that even mild peppers can help you to burn 100 calories a day without doing anything so include them in your food for that boost.

5. Tuna.

Tuna helps to make your body work to burn off those calories, but always try to get it in its purest state and not the tinned version. The result of this is that your body will then force your metabolism to work better and you will then benefit from the calorie burning effect for some time to come.

6. White fish.

In all honesty the lighter it is and the whiter it is, then the better it will be for your metabolism. The perfect type of white fish is going to be something that just flakes off and melts in your mouth, so look for whiting, cod, haddock, plaice, or sole to benefit.


7. Black coffee.

The reason why black coffee works is purely down to the way in which caffeine helps your body. You really do need to avoid any sugar, milk, or anything else in the coffee as they all contain sugar and this will undo the positive effects of the caffeine itself. Make it as strong as you like, but do be careful with the number of cups you drink per day due to the other ways in which caffeine can affect your body.

8. Egg whites.

Eating just the egg white can be a great way of boosting your metabolism and one of the best things is that there is no fat and no need to worry about eating them. It is best if they are kept plain to prevent anything such as sugar working its way in, but managing to eat them on at least a semi-regular basis can work wonders.

9. Fruit.

Fruit, and in particular grapefruit, is great at boosting your metabolism and of course it does also help to do things such as cleanse your liver allowing your body to process everything more effectively and in a shorter period of time. Stick to your five a day mantra and you should find that your metabolism will be vastly improved in next to no time.