9 Ways of Having Healthier Lungs

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 If we take good care of our lungs, they can last a lifetime. The lungs are very durable if they are not attacked from the outside. With a few exceptions, our lungs do not get into trouble unless we get them into trouble. Here are some things everyone should do to keep the lungs healthy as with age.

Don’t smoke anything

Smoking is the worst thing that can be done to your lungs on a regular basis. There is not any safe threshold when it comes to smoking. The more you smoke, the greater is your risk of lung cancer and COPD, which contains chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In addition smoke is very harmful and there is mounting evidence that just being in an environment where people have smoked or even third hand smoke is very dangerous. It is not enough to quit only cigarettes. Marijuana, pipes or cigars can harm your lungs the same way.

Fight for clean air

More than 155 million people still live in areas where air pollution is a threat to health. Air pollution can not only make diseases like asthma and COPD worse, but it can also kill people. You can make a difference by opposing efforts to cut regulation and supporting clean air laws. On the individual level you should cut use of electricity, avoid burning trash or wood and drive less.

Do more workouts

Exercise in itself won’t stronger your lungs but it will help to get more out of them. The better your cardio respiratory fitness is, the easier it will be for your lungs to supply your heart and muscles with oxygen. Regular workouts are particularly important if you have chronic lung disease. Your lungs need all the help they could get. If your asthma symptoms are triggered by cold air, use a scarf or mask your face to warm the air before it gets to your lungs

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