Books Make You Smarter – Myth or Reality?


Girl Reading
 If you are book lover you will actually agree that diving into a great novel is an experience that can make the brain come alive with emotions and imagery and even turn on the senses. Check these beneficial tips that reading brings to your brain.

We make photos in our minds, even without being prompted

Reading books and other materials with vivid imagery is not only amusing, it also allows you to create worlds in your own mind. But did you know that this happens even if you don’t promote it to? Researchers found that visual imagery is automatic. Peoples are able to identify photos of objects faster if they just read a sentence that describes the object visually, suggesting that when you read a sentence, you automatically bring up pictures of objects in your mind.

Spoken word can put the brain in work- mode

People are quick to critic audio books for being sub-par reading experience, but studies have shown that the act of listening to a story can light up your brain. When you are told a story, not only are language processing parts of your brain activated, experiential parts of your brain come alive as well. When you hear about food your sensory cortex stimulates, while motion activates the cortex responsible for actions. And while you are thinking that this is limited only to audio books or reading, scientists insist that the brain is exposed to narratives all day long. In fact, researchers tell personal stories and gossip make up 70% of your daily conversations. So go ahead, listen to your friend’s long and boring stories about their vacation or listen to an audio book. It is a good exercise for your brain.