How Video Games Can Improve Your Intelligence


Playing Video Games
 I do not want to make it sound like video games are magicians and will powerfully light up your brains but according to various studies there are some certain benefits video games can bring to all of you.

One recent study suggests that action video games improve probabilistic infer­ence- a key aspect of making decisions. It is ability of inferring quickly the probability that a given answer is correct on the basis of limited evidence. Such ability is used in many basic sensory and perceptual tasks, which would explain the general transfer of training benefits observed for players.

Researchers at one University found that video game players seem to monitor a large field of vision. They are keeping an eye on the center of a screen and the periphery at the same time. What is more, they may allocate their attention more flexibly than non video game players, paying additional attention to the center of computer screen, for instance, when were asked to identify the shape that pops up there. The attention control benefits of playing video games seem to be broader, and may eventually be harnessed to help people with impaired visual systems due to brain injury. Researchers are looking for a tool where they can promote rewiring and plasticity of the visual system in a wide sense.

According to several studies a cornerstone of human intelligence- cognitive flexibility is not a static trait and can be improved and trained using fun learning tools like playing video games.