14 Weeks of Kindness | Kindness Challenge


Kindness Challenge

World Kindness Day is November 13th. Are You (Hu)man Enough to Accept the Kindness Challenge?

If you’re anything like me, daily life can be a struggle. Many (if not most) of my days consist of the following routine:

Waking up early (and still tired of course), leaving for work (before the sun rises), staying stressed throughout the work day, working late, fighting traffic on the way home, picking my kids up from practice, getting a brief cardio session in, working out, cooking dinner, going through homework, cleaning up, getting my kids ready for bed, trying to spend some quality time with them, working some more, blogging a little (not nearly as much as I should), spending whatever time is left over with my wife (again, not nearly as much as I should), and crawling in bed absolutely exhausted.

If you think about it, it’s no wonder that a large part of society is broke, fat, and divorced. I mean really, why would we expect anything different? But what’s even more disturbing is how unhappy so many people seem to be. Facebook is filled with “I don’t feel like adulting” posts, and a big reason why is because people have forgotten how to give.

Today’s Generation is All About Me

Yes, there are some people who don’t fit this description, but most of us believe that we are at the center of the universe. We fail to see other people’s perspectives and point of view, and we are so busy trying to be significant that we are starting to forget the ways in which we are all connected. We are all human, and we all feel good when people take care of us. However, the idea of doing something kind for no reason at all is starting to seem somewhat foreign. We need to change this … and that change starts with you!

Kindness Challenge

I’ve Learned a Lot From My Wife

My wife is the perfect example, and my role model for kindness. She constantly thinks of ways to support others and make their lives better; it just comes natural to her. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for me. I’m an achiever by nature. I love to work and I love to dream … but I had to learn how to love serving others. And although I’m still not perfect (I’m getting better), I can tell you from experience that the more I focus on giving to others, the better my life always seems to be.

A Look Back at 2017

With only 7 full weeks left in 2017 and the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect. What did you do well? What did you achieve? Where did you struggle? Take a few minutes to just sit and think. Jot down a few answers to these questions. Celebrate your successes and create a plan to overcome your failures. Sometimes awareness can bring change by itself.

Looking Ahead – What Will You Do Differently in 2018?

[HINT: Give more. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you give, the happier you’ll be and the more meaningful your life will become.] However, this is no easy task. If you’re really going to give more, you’re going to have to plan it. If you don’t then you know as well as I do … life will get in the way. So start brainstorming now! What could you give to others? How could you add value to someone else’s life in 2018?

[ANOTHER HINT: These things do not have to be mind-blowing] Maybe start by baking some cookies for a co-worker that takes care of you. Or set a goal to say something nice to a random person each day. Just telling someone that you like their hair or that they have a beautiful smile can change their entire day! You probably think these things in your head anyway. Have the courage to say it!

Kindness Challenge

Join the Kindness Challenge

Struggling to come up with ways to BE KIND? Use the themes below to help get you started! You could even take it a step further by posting pictures of yourself on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #capturekindness and #fitlife! Be the change you wish to see in this world. You might inspire others to do the same.

Kindness Challenge

For more information visit randomactsofkindness.org.

My Kindness Journey

Each week I’m going to update this post with photos of me participating in this challenge. Be sure to check back each week to make sure I’m following through! If I don’t, send me a message on our Facebook page and let everyone know about it!

Week 1: Be Kind to Your Community

(November 13th – November 19th)

This past Wednesday was Family Fun Night at TJ Middle School! We served pizza to parents and students, played basketball, and unfortunately for me (since I can’t dance) taught Zumba lessons! I had a great time meeting so many nice people, and I’m really looking forward to Family Field Day in the spring!

Kindness Challenge
Kindness Challenge
Kindness Challenge

Week 2: Be Kind to Your Family

(November 20th – November 26th)