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Our Summer Challenge is in Full Swing!

10 days ago I made a summer challenge on Facebook live, challenging everyone that liked our page (by the way, please follow us – we’re trying to hit 1000 followers by the end of the month!) to exercise for 90 minutes every single day during the month of August. Well, the challenge has taken hold and people are posting every single day about how they are choosing to workout. It’s increased their accountability and gotten their butt’s in gear, and it’s helped them break?their pattern of inaction.

I Created the Summer Challenge for Myself More Than Anyone Else

With a July wedding in the books and school starting back in a couple of weeks, I could tell my focus was elsewhere. I was starting to slack off. So in all honesty, I created the summer challenge for myself. I needed the people that I cared about most to?start holding me accountable. I just figured that as an added bonus, people might choose?to join me in my quest.

At first glance, the summer challenge seems a little extreme. I mean really, 90 minutes a day? Who in the world has time for that? And at times it has been tough. In fact, at times it’s almost been downright impossible. Several days in a row I was lifting weights close to midnight, only to wake up 5 hours later and hop on the bike for 30 minutes before getting ready for work. But the mental advantage I’ll gain in the future by simply doing what I said I was going to do will be priceless.

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The Summer Challenge Has (Almost) Nothing to do With Getting in Better Shape Physically

This challenge is strictly mental. It has nothing to do with workout intensity, sets, reps, miles, intervals … all you have to do is workout every single day for 90 minutes. No matter what.

At the end of the 31 days you may have transformed your body (a little); however, your overall mindset towards working out will be radically different. The simple fact is this,

You only have to exercise 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week to improve your cardiovascular health; and only 40 minutes per day, 3 – 4 days per week to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.1

If you can do 90 minutes a day for an entire month, then you know you can do 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for the rest of your life! And if you can’t find that time, deep down you’ll know that you’re full of it. Completing this challenge will help you put your excuses to rest, for the rest of your life.

There’s Still Time to Join!

Okay, so you won’t be able to workout every day in August; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start the challenge anyway! Do it for yourself! Follow our Facebook page and join people who are already changing their lives! Let them hold you accountable. Help them by holding them accountable.


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