Top 10 Worst Desserts You Can Have


Fattening Desserts

What follows are the 10 worst desserts you can have when you are trying to lose some weight. Just because you are looking at shedding those pounds does not mean that you have to miss out on having a little treat every now and then because all you need is some knowledge on what you can and cannot eat, so the information that follows may prove to be rather useful.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Ice cream is of course one of the most popular desserts, but if we take Ben & Jerry’s as a typical example, then what you should know is that just half a cup of it will result in you eating around 300 calories and also on average 20g of fat. What is clear is that sitting pigging out on ice cream is only going to result in expanding your waistline rather than reducing it.

2. Chocolate Brownies – There are of course various types of chocolate brownies, but if you pick up the iced version, then just a single brownie can have approximately 250 calories and also provide anywhere between 8g to 14g of fat. The problem of course is that a lot of people cannot just stop at one and it just means that it does not take much for your calorie count to go off the scale.