Top 6 Most Common Myths About Fast Food


Over the past couple of decades, fast food restaurants have doubled their name – and for a good reason. The food is delicious, it is prepared in a timely manner and it is very affordable as well. However, there is one thing that is on everybody’s mind: how healthy fast food really is? Here you will find the top 6 most common myths about fast food:

Salads From Fast Food Are A Healthy Alternative To Hamburgers

This is actually one of the most debated myths related to fast food at the moment. Did you know that some salads contain more calories than a medium-sized pizza? This is because in addition to the vegetables, there is cheese, meat, olive oil and all sorts of spices that are not exactly low in calories. Not salads are created equal, and it is true that most of them are healthier than burgers and French fries, but this is not a general rule. To determine which salads are healthy and which are not, simply have a loot at the fat, carb and salt contents of the salad you are about to order – that should help you make an idea!

Long-Term Consumption Will Trigger A Fast Food Addiction

This is also an intensely debated topic nowadays, as more people claim that fast food chains are intentionally introducing addictive chemicals and compounds in their foods, just to make people come back for more. On one hand, it is true that the number of fast food fans has rocketed over the past few years – on the other hand, this is not necessarily due to any secret addictive ingredient.