Top 7 Foods For Healthy Looking Skin


Healthy Looking Skin With Chocolate

Beauty literally comes from within and for a healthy looking skin we need to have a healthy bodies. No matter how much cosmetic products we use, we can not get a naturally beautiful skin unless we control what we eat. Here’s the list of 7 foods for the healthy looking skin we all want to have:


Cocoa is an important ingredient in chocolate, which keeps your skin hydrated. Thus, it makes your skin more supple and firm. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonol, which is an excellent antioxidant. According to most dermatologists, flavonol are essential for healthy skin. Eating chocolate which contains 70% cocoa provides maximum flavonol content. In order to improve luminosity, just a couple of squares every day will be enough. If you apply dark chocolate topically, it may reduce puffiness on your skin. As strange as it may sound, most dermatologists advise applying dark chocolate on your skin.


Pomegranates are rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants are always good for your skin. Polyphenol antioxidants regulate your skin’s blood flow by fighting free radicals. As a result, they give it a good smell and make it soft. You can drink a few glasses of Pomegranate juice or eat a Pomegranate every day to keep your skin healthy. If you apply this fruit on your skin, it’s antioxidants will moisturize the skin and help remove wrinkles.