Top 7 Reasons Why People Fail To Follow A Healthy Diet


Choosing a diet

When people start a diet, they do it with the best of intentions – they have a clear picture in their mind, they have defined their weight loss goals and they are determined to achieve them no matter what. Nonetheless, following a diet for more than just several days can turn out to be a daunting task – especially if you have a slow metabolism and you do not lose weight at a fast pace. There are many reasons why people fail to follow healthy diets, from the lack of motivation to draconian diets and here you will find 7 of the most common ones:

1. People Are Too Hard On Themselves

One of the most common reasons why many people are unable to follow a diet is because they are too hard on themselves. If you were used to eating fast food and sugary products and all of a sudden you switch to a diet based solely on fruit or vegetable, your body will find it extremely difficult to adapt. These abrupt changes usually do not end up well – you can spoil yourself every once in a while throughout the diet, as long as you do not binge on sweets. If your body does into starvation mode, it is almost impossible for you to resist the urge to eat the food you were used to. Diets must be implemented slowly but surely, not abruptly.

2. They Do Not Track Progress

This is another one of the most common 7 reasons people fail to follow a healthy diet. If you do not track progress, you are unlikely to know how much weight you have lost already and this can be very discouraging for most of us. In the end, you cannot measure your progress (or see whether there is any progress at all) if you do not track your weight loss efforts.

Diet choices
 3. They Focus Solely On The Diet

In most of the cases, the diet alone will not help you lose weight – or, better said, it will not help you lose impressive amounts of weight. If you have ambitious weight loss goals, then the diet you follow must be accompanied by the correct lifestyle changes. Most people fail to follow their diet because they do not couple it with two essential factors for efficient weight loss: good quality night’s sleep and regular physical exercises.

4. No Moral Support From Friends Or Family

Moral support is essential for those who are trying to lose weight, as this is a serious and difficult process that involves a lot of determination and will power. Sometimes, people tend to lose both of them throughout the diet – when that happens, it is vital to have somebody to offer you the moral support you need to go on. If you have been eating vegetables the entire day and your siblings come home with a delicious chocolate cake and they eat it right in front of you, that will certainly not help at all.

As human beings, we need constant support otherwise we are prone to fail in achieving our goals, regardless of their nature. This is why your close friends and relatives must be fully aware of your plans and support your decision.

5. Lack Of Ambition

Overweight people are in a continuous battle with extra pounds, because even if they manage to get rid of excess weight and reach a normal weight, they still have to struggle to prevent the rebound effect. This is where ambition steps in and plays a decisive role. Unfortunately, another reason why many people fail to follow their diet is that they accept defeat too easily – most of the times, they give up the fight before it even starts. The reasons why this happens are many, but generally they did not have strong motivation in the first place.

 6. Slow Metabolism

Many people confront with the problem of slow metabolism, but this issue can be particularly bothersome for those who are on a weight loss diet. If you follow a draconian diet and you exhaust yourself at the gym, then you certainly want to see some rewarding results for your effort. However, slow metabolism means slow weight loss, and this is highly demotivational for many people. It is all about body composition, not to mention the plateau period which can last up to several weeks. Many people choose to give up if they do not see the scale moving as much as they would like it to move.

7. Their Diets Do Not Provide Them With The Necessary Nutrients

Last, but not least, what many people fail to understand is that they must focus on a diet that provides them with all the precious nutrients that ensure the proper functioning of their body. The diet must be low in calories, not low in nutrients and vitamins, minerals and amino acids play a pivotal role for your overall health and well-being. If you do not fuel your body properly, you will feel hungry throughout the entire day and you will eventually give up and binge on food. Do not underestimate hunger, as it can be your worst enemy!