6 Ways You Can Use Orange

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Ever since orange burst on the earth some 9000 years ago, people have enjoyed extra zest, more punch and a definite kick of the taste buds. Rumored to have taken root in the region between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, the tangy family of oranges comes loaded with almost every essential nutrient you can imagine: Vitamins A, C and K, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus etc. Here we have got just the right ideas to help you use orange to the max.

Add Zest

Before you cut and squeeze an orange peel off its colored outer flesh in thin wide strips, or lightly grate it. This lovely yellow zest contains scented essential oils that will impart an incredible flavor to your cookies, salads and cakes. Be careful. Do not grate too hard or slice too deep or you will end up with bitter white pith.

Orange zest with finely chopped parsley and garlic is sensational soup or stew. Sprinkle over seconds before serving.

Orange zest, olive oil and oregano is used to make salad with a Greek zing

If you like cake with a tangy kick add Orange zest to grated chocolate

Orange zest with lemon zest and buttery breadcrumbs can be tasty crust for lamb or fish after oiled with a punch.

The fabulous easy to make citrus oil is the great way to preserve the orange flavor. Use it in dressings, to drizzle over grills and even to make cakes and mayonnaise.

Take one cup of extra virgin olive oil or rice bran oil and zest of two oranges. Place zest in a sterilized bottle. Pour in the Olive oil. Cover tightly and leave for one week.

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